EgaMaster Tools

EgaMaster is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality tools and equipment, as well as safety instruments for industrial use. EgaMaster aims to offer one-stop solution for all the users needs with highly customizable equipment.

EgaMaster Tools
EgaMaster can supply tools in the following ranges.
Toolkits Pipe and Plumbing Tools Measuring And Detection
Pliers Files, Rasps & Punches Ega lux Lighting
Electrician Tools Stainless Steel Tools Automotive Tools
Pincers Drain Cleaning And Inspection Tools for underwater use
Gear Pullers Piping Machines Tool Control System
Adjustable Wrenches Tools For Copper Anti-Drop Tools
Wrenches Soldering 1000V
Controlled Tightening Tools For Plastic 1000V Insulated Non-sparking
Socket Wrenches Tools For Wood Non Sparking ATEX / IECEX
Pneumatic Tools Cutting Intrinsic Safety ATEX / IECEX
Hydraulic Tools Hammers & Picks Non Magnetic Titanium
Screwdrivers Construction Esd Electro Static Discharge
Bits Ega tronik Electronic Devices Personal Protection Equipment

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