Zodiac Aerospace Lighting

AeroNed supplies interior and exterior aircraft Lighting Solutions designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace. Included in these solutions are flight deck light plates, control panels, integrated switch panels and various interior lighting solutions: ceiling lights, sidewall lights, ambiance lighting, signs, reading lights developed for a wide range of aircraft types.


Cockpit and Lighting Systems
AeroNed supplies Cockpit and Lighting Systems designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace. Both interior and exterior aircraft lighting products manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace are available. With over 50 years of experience in electromechanical components, a wide range of products is available ranging from switches to lamp and LED indicators and switch guards.

Various cockpit related products are available such as for example:
Nose-gear steering wheel handle
Various switches (engine switch, fire switch etc.)
Control panels
Ceiling control panels

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