Honeywell Exterior Aircraft Lighting

AeroNed supplies Exterior Aircraft Lighting products designed and manufactured by Honeywell. For over 85 years, Honeywell has designed and manufactured exterior lighting products and systems for virtually every configuration of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. A complete suite of exterior lighting products for aircraft on the basis of halogen and xenon technology is available and supplied by AeroNed.

Complete suite of exterior lighting for aircraft:
- Position lights
- Anti-collision lights
- Landing, taxi and runway turnoff lights
- Tail lights
- Wing and (engine) inspection lights
- Cargo and service lighting
- Emergency lighting

On the foundations of continuous innovation, Honeywell has been developing new products. These new products based on light emitting diode (LED) technology sustaintially increase the reliability and life of products manufactured. Various generations of LED technology have been integrated on a wide array of aircraft ranging from commercial, private and military aircraft. The solid state lighting (SSL) technology offers various benefits to aircraft operators compared to other lighting technologies. 

Key benefits of LED products:
- Reduced cost of ownership
- Increased reliability
- Improved lamp life (up to 20,000 hours)
- Lower power consumption
- Environmentally sustainable
- Reduced maintenance costs
- Predictive maintenance possibilities.

Aircraft operators can expect fewer flight delays, increased operational efficiency and lower maintenance cost by using Honeywell's continuously improved and reliable advanced LED lighting solutions.

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