Honeywell Lighting

AeroNed supplies Honeywell lighting products. Honeywell lighting is renowned for for providing world-class and mission-critical products. The Honeywell lighting branch exists since 1933 when Grimes Manufacturing started up production of aircraft navigation lights. The company has a well established position in the lighting industry with its products renowned for innovative design, quality and reliability.
As Grimes Manufacturing is now part of Honeywell, Honeywell continues to  design and manufacture technology, creating the finest lighting products available for aircraft and helicopters.
Honeywell lighting products can be found under the following categories:
Exterior Aircraft Lighting
Interior Aircraft Lighting

AeroNed supplies Honeywell lighting components. Apart from lighting components, we are also able to supply other components from the various Honeywell product categories, ranging from displays to wheels and brakes.
Due to our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers together with sufficient stock levels, we are able to supply equipment within a short period of time.

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