Goodrich Lighting

AeroNed supplies Goodrich lighting systems and components. Goodrich manufactures a variety of interior and exterior aircraft lighting suitable for various needs and multiple platforms. Goodrich Lighting Systems takes customer requirements into development and therefore considered a reliable partner for aircraft lighting components.

Goodrich Lighting Systems has more than 20 years of experience in the use of LED technology and has produced more than 500.000 lights over the years.
Lighting products manufactured by Goodrich Lighting Systems can be found on various aircraft platforms. Market segments served are commercial, regional, business and military aircraft and helicopters.
Lighting systems and products available are included in the following product groups:
- Passenger Service Units
- Cabin and Compartment Lights
- Indicator and Exit Signs
- Cockpit Lights and Controllers
- Anti-Collision Lights
- Landing, Taxi and Emergency Lights
- Navigation Lights
- Night Vision and Infrared Equipment
- Other Equipment

AeroNed supplies a wide range of Goodrich components. Due to our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers together with sufficient stock levels, we are able to supply equipment within a short period of time.

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