CML Technologies

AeroNed supplies lighting products manufactured by CML Technologies. Vertically integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities make CML responsive to the needs of aircraft manufacturers and maintenance facilities around the world. Every aviation lamp produced is designed to meet or exceed critical requirements for light output and service life as each design anticipates environmental, electrical and photometric conditions for aircraft or ground support application.

Lamp ranges available deliver top rated performance and optimum service life which make it cost less for you to own and operate. Lamps are available in a broad range of styles and operating characteristic for an equally diverse range of applications. Applications include Status Indicators, Instrumentation Lighting, Cabin lighting, Flight Deck Lighting, Inspection Lighting, Navigation and Anti-collision Lighting.
CML also provides the possibility to design and manufacture LED solutions for aircraft, whether it be an existing or new application. Besides, a range of low energy and low maintenance LED solutions to further reduce costs of operating and maintenance is available.

AeroNed supplies CML Technology components and lighting. Due to our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers together with sufficient stock levels, we are able to supply equipment within a short period of time.

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