Zodiac Galleys

AeroNed supplies Galleys designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace. Galleys from this company are considered ideal for catering and storage on board of commercial airliners. Zodiac MaxFlex galleys and stowages are onboard of nearly all narrow body aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing.

MaxFlex Galleys
MaxFlex galleys offer a wide range of functionalities for full-service to airlines. Ease of configuration after - delivery - enables adapting functionalities according to:
- Seasonal catering demands
- New destinations
- New lessors of leased aircraft.

Galley and modification kits are pre-engineered and pre-qualified. Notice: no need for re-certification after reconfiguration.

Crewrest equipment
Zodiac Aerospace also designs and manufactures flight crew rests and lower deck mobile crew rests which meet the highest possible standards in design and functionality and ensure better rest conditions for flight crew.

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