Magnetic Fuel Level Indicators

AeroNed supplies Magnetic Fuel Level Indicators (MFLI) designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace for the aerospace market. Magnetic fuel level indicators provide a zero-leakage auxiliary method of gauging fuel tank quantity from outside the aircraft.

An MFLI consists of three major parts:
Sealed outer tube assembly mounted to lower wing skin
Inner indicating stick with magnets
Annual float with magnets which move up and down the outer tube with changing fluid levels.

The indicating stick is calibrated for individual applications. Calibration units may be in pounds, kilograms, gallons or liters as required.

Commercial Aircraft
Military Aircraft
General Aviation
Business Jets

Metal, composite and plastic construction
Operating fluids JP-8, JP-8 + 100, F-40, JP4, JET-B, F-44, JP-5, aviation gasoline, automotive gasoline, F-76, diesel
Lightning-Safe® in accordance with SAE-ARP5412 or DO-160, Section 23, or MIL-STD-1757

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