Fuel Tank Inerting Systems

AeroNed supplies Fuel Tank Inerting Systems designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace for the aerospace industry. Fuel tank inerting systems displace oxygen in aircraft fuel tanks to increase safety by reducing the risk of fuel tank explosion.

Center tank inerting with single distribution point with open vent
Full wing or multiple tank inerting with multiple distribution points and open vent
Full wing inerting with multiple distribution system and pressure controlled tanks
Conditioned air supply system
Inert gas generation system
Distribution system
Vent system pressure control valves

Fuel Tank Inerting System solutions:
Fault-tolerant architectures
Controllers with extensive automatic fault detection and isolation
Conditioned air supply
Health monitoring with oxygen sensing, pressure and temperature sensing
Isolation shutoff valves
Air seperation modules (ASM)
Flow Control Valves
Zero leakage check valves

Commercial Aircraft
Military Aircraft

Systems integration test capability
Fuel system tank modeling capability
FAR 25.981 compliant interfaces to tank components
System accuracy surpassing the ARINC guidelines
1x 10-9 system integrity
RTCA DO178B level A, B and C software
RTCA DO160C environmental capability
Data concentrators that have digital data bus communication using ARINC, MIL-STD-1553, and others
Fuel tank oxygen concentration below 12% for commercial applications
Fuel tank oxygen concentration below 9% for military applications

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