Fuel Measurement and Management

AeroNed supplies Fuel Measurement and Management systems designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace for the aerospace industry. These systems are custom designed to meet exact specifications of each application and using the latest technology available, the systems set new standards for maturity at entry-into-service, safety, reliability, accuracy, and maintability, lowering the customer's cost of ownership.

Simpel fuel gauges
Fuel quanitity measurement
Fuel quantity indication
Fuel quanitity measurement / indicating systems
Fuel quantity measurement
Fuel quantity indication
Fuel control and management systems
Fuel management for aircraft center of gravity
Fuel measurement
Automatic fuel transfer
Fuel quantity indication

Continuous fuel level probes / sensors
Fuel property compensators
Fuel point level sensors
Fuel temperature sensors
Active and passive densitometers, manufactured in-house
Ground refuel panels
Data concentrators
Fuel computers

Fuel Measurement and Management System solutions:
Fault-Tolerant Architectures
Extensive Automatic Fault Detection and Isolation
Onboard Attitude-Error Correction
Sophisticated Microprocessors
Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
Solid-State Displays
Direct Density Measurement

Business and Regional Jets
Commercial Aircraft

FAR 25.981 compliant interfaces to tank components
System accuracy surpassing the ARINC 611 guidelines
Up to 1x10-9 system integrity
RTCA DO178B level A, B and C software
RTCA DO160C environmental capability
Linear or mechanically profiled AC or DC capacitance fuel probes and fuel compensators
Self-calibrating, passive densitometer using our patented vibrating disc sensor
Fuel property measurement unit that integrates compensator, temperature sensor and densitometer
Single and/or dual fuel temperature sensors using linearized platinum or nickel sensors
Point level sensors using capacitance, mechanical or piezoelectric technology for high and low level application
Data concentrators that have digital data bus communication using ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, and others
Refueling panels that feature integrated LED displays, local processing switches, etc., in a ruggedized design for refuel station location
Redundant fuel computers that use microprocessor/field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology and provide software upload capability, digital data bus communication and more

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