Electronic Controllers

AeroNed supplies a wide range of Electronic Controllers designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace for aerospace and non-aerospace applications. The aerospace controller products are used on the latest commercial and military transport aircraft and regional and business jets. These controllers include flight controls and utility and pump controllers.

electronic-controllers-parker-(1).jpgController characteristics:
Redundant-channel, fail-safe design
Control and monitoring within each channel
System monitoring
System performance tuning
Control logic using complex programmable logic devices (PLDs)
Digital communication buses

Flight control actuation systems
Landing gear systems
Fuel pumps and valves
Military applications
Utility control systems: fuel tank inerting, fire suppression, aerial refueling, manual fuel control

RTCA DO178B level A, B, and C software
RTCA DO160C environmental capability
RTCA DO254 Level A for PLDs

Control/monitoring of various fuel tank inerting components
Pressure transducers
Temperature sensors
Oxygen transducers
Air separation modules

Motor drive capabilities:
12V DC to 270V DC input supply voltage
115V AC input supply voltage
Up to 20A pump motor drive
Up to 60A surface position drive

Sensor or sensorless motor commutation

Diverse motor type compatibility
1 hp, 28V DC, 30 amp, four-quadrant modulation
2 hp, 28V DC, 60 amp, four-quadrant modulation
14 hp, 270V DC, 40 amp, four-quadrant modulation
¾ hp, 28V DC, 20 amp, two-quadrant modulation

Extensive built-in testing and reporting

Extensive input/output capability
Raw sensor

Digital communication using MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429 and 629, RS232, CAN Bus, and fiber optic buses
Inadvertent actuation of actuator system applications: less than 1 x 10-9

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