Electric Motor-Driven Pumps

AeroNed supplies Electric Motor-Driven Pumps designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace. Integrated electric motor hydraulic pump packages are designed to reduce weight and simplify maintenance without compromising reliability. Standard and custom made editions are available for a variety of applications.

AC Motor Pumps - Fixed and Variable
DC Motor Pumps - Brush and Brushless
Hydraulic Motor Generators

Commercial, Military and General Aviation
Military Applications

Variable displacement axial-piston-pump designs with pressure compensation
Fixed displacement axial-piston-pump designs
Phosphate-ester-based fluids and hydrocarbon-based (MIL-PERF-87257, 83282, 5606) operating fluids
Pressure rated up to 5000 psi (345 bar)
Air-cooled, flooded, or jacketed liquid-cooled
28 VDC and 270 VDC motors – brush and brushless
Fixed (400 Hz) or variable frequency (324-595 Hz) three-phase 115 VAC AC motors
Velocity from 5,600 rpm to 12,000 rpm
Flows rated up to 8.5 gpm (32.2 l/min)
Thermal switch integration
Control and drive electronics capabilities available
Soft cut-off control available for constant horsepower
Start valves available to reduce inrush current
Low inlet impeller functions available for improved system operational efficiency
Explosion-proof construction
Testing per RTCA/DO160 rev D, Env. I, Cat A
Locked rotor failure mode testing
Integrated construction
Shared bearings, shafts, housing
Case and inlet boost pumps

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