Drain Valves

AeroNed supplies Drain Valves designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace. These Drain Valves are Lightning-Safe® and non-lightning safe drain valves for fluids and containers for the aerospace market. The stainless steel, titanium, aluminum or plastic drain valves are designed with centerline poppets, either manually or electrically actuated. The valves can be designed with self-closing, locked-open or locked-closed poppets. It is also possible to provide valves with externally serviced o-rings.

Non-Lightning-Safe® and Lightning-Safe® Fuel Drain Valves
Solenoid Drain Valves
Custom Drain Valves

Commercial, Military and General Aviation
Fuel Sump Drains
Tell-Tale Drains
Engine Gearbox and Reservoirs
Hydraulic Reservoirs
Potable Water Reservoirs

Drain Valves are designed in accordance, except where noted, with MIL-V-25023
Lightning-Safe® in accordance with SAE-ARP5412 or DO-160, Section 23, or MIL-STD-1757
Custom or standard drain tools designed to actuate poppet for maintenance

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