Advanced Cooling Systems

AeroNed supplies Advanced Cooling Systems designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace. Parker Aerospace provides advanced cooling solutions for electronics for example liquid flow through coldplate cooling systems or more advanced designs incorporating single and two-phase spray impingement solutions. The cooling systems are comprised of various proprietary components, including advanced coldplates, smart pumps and Macrospray nozzles. Not only do these innovative systems provide extreme heat removal, electronics designs are provided with the flexibility of working with more compact, conformal thermal solution packaging, permitting designs in every possible way. Meeting customer requirements is not a problem, allowing you to transition from traditional air and conduction cooling to a cost-effective liquid cooling systems meeting actual and future cooling challenges efficiently and effectively.

Aircraft Avionics
Military Applications
High-end Computing
High-Power Lasers
Power Conversion and Inversion
Power Distribution
Radar and Antennas
Telecommunications Equipment

Self-contained, closed-loop systems containing coolant, control system, smart pump, filter, accumulator, heaters for cold-system startup, and various devise and board-level heat-absorbing technologies
Board-level thermal solutions, including liquid-flow-thru and spray cooled modules adapted to the particular application and performance requirements
Spray cooling solutions for extremely demanding heat removal applications (e.g. spray impingement and two phase cooling within 1” pitch modules)
System solutions utilizing a variety of liquid cooling methods for military and commercial electronics applications, enabling system integrators to achieve high compute and bandwidth density in the smallest volume possible
Systems adaptable to existing platform (vehicle) liquid systems
Standardized case sizes (ATR and ARINC 404/600) or custom chassis configurations
Thermal solutions accommodate various board types, including VITA standards for VME, VXS, and VPX (VITA 46/48) with scalable technology sized for the required amount of cooling in a particular application
Parker thermal solutions are capable of cooling up to a 1000 watts per individual board module with water or water/glycol coolants
Solutions designed to be two-level maintenance compatible; users can easily change out the electronics modules or the pump module without needing special conditions, tools, or specialized technical knowledge
Technology supports line-replaceable-unit (LRU) and line-replaceable-module (LRM) maintenance approach
Modular design approach allows the base electronics chassis to be used through several tech-refresh cycles even when changing from conduction to liquid cooling, considerably lowering the system’s total cost of ownership
Systems for ruggedized military and commercial aerospace implementation for shock, vibration, and acceleration requirements to MIL-STD-810F, EMI/EMC requirements to MIL-STD-461E, and operation from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius (storage to 125 degrees Celsius)
Operational from -1,500 to 70,000 feet altitude and compliant with the humidity, salt fog, fungal growth, thermal shock, sand, and dust requirements of VITA 47
Mechanical design and thermal analysis expertise, including finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics

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