Zodiac Aerospace - Fluid Equipment

AeroNed supplies Fluid Equipment designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace. Fluid Equipment of Zodiac Aerospace has a good reputation in design and manufacturing of connectors and equipment mounted in low and high pressure fuel, air, hydraulic and water systems.

A wide range of flexible and rigid connectors is available. These are designed to reduce the weight of the assembly and for ease of in-aircraft installation with expanding or weld ferrules. They can be used for fuel, air or water tube systems.

Flexible connectors allow for multidirectional misalignments and axial movements. They comply with the following standards in particular: AS 1650, AS 5830, ABS 0395, ABS 0743, ABS 0744, MIL-8615D, MIL-C-22263B and MIL-B-5087B.

Rigid connectors are used for assemblies with no relative movement.  They comply with the following standards in particular: AS 1710, AS 1730, ABS 0107, ABS0108, ABS 1289, and ABS 1290.

Wing O Flex (for aircraft) and Flexirac (for helicopters) ranges is also available.

The following product categories designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace are available at Aeroned:
Gravity or pressure filling systems
Electrical and mechanical particle detectors
Fill and drain plugs
Sight level indicators
Brake, vent, purge, by-pass, free and backflow-protection valves
Oil or fuel filters and filter units
Rapid-release, breakable and automatic-closure connectors
Lubrication pumps
Air/hydraulic tool kits
JET transformable watertight joints (Joint d’Etanchéité Transformable)

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