Flight Display Systems

AeroNed supplies products designed and manufactured by Flight Display Systems. This company manufactures electronic equipment for aircraft. Available are over 100 In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) products installed in various aircraft types. Products include Flight Display Moving Maps, high-definition LCD monitors from 5- to 52-inches in size, Blue-ray and DVD players and a range of Apple accessories. Aside from IFE products, Flight Display Systems also manufactures Cabin Management Systems (CMS) which are used to control lights, window shades, audio/video equipment and attendant call functions inside of an aircraft cabin. The IFE systems are included in a CMS system.

For Military and Special Mission purposes, special equipment such as ruggedized LCD monitors used in surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft is available.

The following product categories are related to Flight Display Systems and from these categories, components are available and supplied by AeroNed:
Cabin Management Systems (CMS)
In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Equipment
Military and Special Mission Equipment

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