Pratt & Whitney Engines

Pratt & Whitney designs a wide range of engines that are suited for the commercial and military market. The commercial engines from Pratt & Whitney have logged over 1 billion hours of flight, for both cargo and passengers. The Military Engines from Pratt & Whitney are used in almost 7000 aircrafts for 27 armed forces worldwide. We offer a global network of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and Military Aftermarket Services facilities focused on maintaining engine readiness for our customers.

Pratt & Whitney Engines  
Commercial Engines Military Engines
PurePower PW1000G Engine F100 Engine
V2500 Engine F117 Engine
GP7200 Engine F119 Engine
PW4000-94 Engine F135 Engine
PW4000-100 Engine HPW3000 Engine
PW4000-112 Engine  
PW2000 Engine  
PW6000 Engine  
JT8D Engine  
JT9D Engine  
Turbofan Engines  
Turboprop Engines  
Turboshaft Engines  

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