Parker Hannifin Pneumatic Valves

AeroNed supplies Pneumatic Valves designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace. Pneumatic controls are designed to operate in extreme environments of aerospace and derivative applications. Aeroned supplies pneumatic controls, systems and valves to the aviation industry. The products combine reliable, proven designs with the latest position indication technologies to deliver cost-effective high levels of performance. Pneumatic systems and valves are available with a variety of actuators employing advanced designs and material-including the first application of composite bleed air valves on an aircraft engine. Besides, a wide range of robust, pneumatically actuated poppet and butterfly shut-off and pressure reducing valves are available.

Pneumatic actuation is accomplished by either using electrical solenoid valves controlling upstream duct pressure or external pressure sources. If ambient temperatures and vibration are too extreme for solenoid operation, solenoids can be remotely located. Valves are often supplied with electrical position indication, visual position indication, manual override control and other specific customer requirements. The valves perform reliably at temperatures above 1150 F (620º C)

Market Applications
Commercial transports
Business and regional jets
Tiltrotor aircraft
Commercial and military aircraft engines

Product Applications
Pneumatic systems
Anti-icing and rain removal systems
Modulating valves

Flow control valves
Shut-off valves
Auxiliary power unit (APU) load control valves
Cooling valves
Fueldraulic actuation
Motor, servo, pneumatic and solenoid actuation
Pressure regulating valves
High temperature equipment valves
Auxiliary equipment
Electronic controllers and sensors
Turbine clearance control
Mixing valves
Cooling valves
Thermal anti-icing
Pneumatic, analog, and digital electronic control of position, flow, pressure, and temperature
Software processes for safety-critical application
Butterfly, poppet and check valves (1” to 8” line size)
Linear and rotary motion
Pneumatic actuation
DC or AC actuation
Remote or integral solenoid
High temperature capabilities
Electrical position indication (RVDT, LVDT, switches)
Manual overrides and locks
One-inch to four-inch diameter valves
Communication bus interface

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