Parker Hannifin Motor-Driven Pumps

AeroNed supplies Motor-Driven Pumps designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace to the aviation industry. These "smart" pumps are supplied to aerospace and derivative markets. Motor-driven pumps, with brushless DC motors, canned rotor design and embedded sensorless control electronics - together with gerotor technology - deliver size, weight and reliability advantages to customers.

Advantages include: smaller size and less weight than other pumps with same capacity, greater contamination resistance and fewer parts than gear or vane-style pumps. Capable of pumping a variety of fluids regardless of viscosity vapor pressure or dielectric properties.

Thermal Management Systems
Liquid Cooling Systems
Fuel Boost
Engine Oil Lubrication and Scavenging
Fuel and Oil Conditioning Systems

The AC-induction motors offer long life with extended dayrun capability and can accommodate a broad range of fluids regardless of viscosity, vapor pressure, or dielectric properties. With proprietary impeller and pump builder design tools, rapid prototyping and multi-disciplined engineering teams, innovative solutions are provided, complexity is minimized and time to market is reduced.

Market Applications Products
Business and regional jets Fuel boost pumps
Commercial and military aircraft engines Fuel transfer pumps
Commercial and military airframes Hydraulic brake actuation pumps
Helicopters High-pressure engine feed fuel pumps
Tiltrotor aircraft Potable water pumps
Unmanned aerial vehicles Recirculation pumps
Ground-based and shipboard marine app. Galley cooling pumps
Computing and power electronics Electronic coolant pumps
  Auxiliary power unit (APU) pumps
  Trim-tank pumps

Sensorless motor commutation to eliminate parts and increase reliability
Lightweight active power factor correction
12V to 600V capabilities
Canned rotor designs to isolate windings from fluid path for water applications
Integrated radio noise filters
AC and DC cartridge canister configurations
Fixed- and variable-frequency AC
Pumping elements include radial- or mixed-flow centrifugal, liquid ring, spur gear or geroter priming; or duplex with both centrifugal and priming abilities
High-energy magnets to reduce weight and increase efficiency
Flexible software routines to eliminate costly hardware redesigns, support safety-critical applications, and facilitate the programming of current, velocity, and pressure with greater precision

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