Parker Hannifin Air Turbine Starters

AeroNed supplies Air Turbine Starters designed and manufactured by Parker Aerospace. These air turbine starters are used to provide reliable starting of gas turbine engines used in aircraft, marine and industrial applications. These air turbine starters are designed to meet speed, power, safety, and reliability needs of modern gas turbine engine starting systems. Our unique features and innovative approach to starter engineering are backed with more than 30 years of experience.

Torque and speed performance characteristics to specific engines and available air supply from any or all of the following four sources are tailored according to customer needs:
Air-Turbine-Starter-Parker.jpg- Compressed Air Reservoir
- Ground Cart Compressor
- Onboard Auxiliary Power Units
- Bleed Air From a Turbine Engine During Operation

Furthermore, Parker Aerospace is able to design the air turbine starter configuration, i.e., size, weight and mounting provisions to accommodate requirements of a certain engine. For example, it is possible to design the inlet air manifold of the starter to incrementally rotate to comply with inlet air ducts positions.

Air Turbine Starters are used in the following market applications: Commercial and Military Aircraft Turbine Engines, Helicopters, Power Generators, Industrial and Shipboard.

AeroNed supplies Parker Aerospace components. Due to our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers together with sufficient stock levels, we are able to supply equipment within a short period of time.

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