Zodiac Aerospace Electrical Systems

AeroNed supplies electric systems designed and manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace. Zodiac Aerospace designs, develops and produces systems for electrical power management, cockpit control systems, exterior and cockpit lighting and windshield wipers. It is for that reason that the organization works together with aircraft and helicopter manufacturers worlwide.

The electrical power system entity is world leader in primary and secondary electrical power distribution. It is an essential element in the development of new more-electric aircraft and helicopters.
For electromechanical functions, it draws on years of experience and experience combined with continuous innovation which enable it to develop an extensive range of components (contactors, circuit-breakers and relays) which are perfectly optimized to meet current and future onboard electrical power requirements.

For electrical power distribution systems in general, it meets the most rigorous demands of aircraft and systems manufacturers all over the world. It is involved from primary electrical power distribution box for electrical functions associated with system management, through to secondary electrical distribution box (solid state power controller - SSPC).

Furthermore, AeroNed supplies windshield washer and wiper systems for aircraft and helicopters. State-of-the-art technological innovations such as tilting technology optimizes aerodynamics and reduces maintenance costs.

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