Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement Aeroned

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement Aeroned

Supply of goods is still going on as usual and we are not experiencing any general delays at the moment. If this situation changes, we will update you through this statement.

Due to the latest developments, Aeroned has decided to postpone all planned business trips and visits to exhibitions/trade shows until further notice.


Q: Can we still order goods at Aeroned during the outbreak of COVID-19?
A: Yes, business for now continues as usual. If the supply, or delivery time of open orders will be affected by the circumstances, we will personally inform all customers about this.

Q: Will the current situation influence the quoted delivery times?
A: We try our best to quote accurate delivery times, taking the outbreak of COVID-19 into account. However, since the situation changes every day, it is now harder to predict delivery times than usual.

Q: Can we still visit Aeroned?
A: We still accept delivery of goods. However, we try to avoid as much personal contact as possible for now. This means that all non-critical business meetings will be postponed.

Q: Will Aeroned inform me about any chances concerning the current COVID-19 outbreak?
A: Yes, we will update this page continuously and will actively inform customers whose orders are affected by the situation. Furthermore, if you would like to receive active updates, please contact us and we will put you on the newsletter list.

Please contact us for more information.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has now reached pandemic status globally. Unfortunately, this also means that the international trade is suffering from this outbreak. So far, the supply to and from Aeroned has not been affected much. However, we are receiving information about delays due to the virus more frequently from our suppliers, which may also have influence on delivery dates of your orders. We will do our best to keep all customers informed about their order status and any relevant general delay information.

Personal hygiene
Furthermore, to prevent the virus from infecting any of our employees or direct relations, we will follow the advice from our governmental agency RIVM. Personal hygiene is of highest importance to the company and its employees. This means that we will not shake hands with customers or suppliers until further notice. Please do not take this personal, or see this as a sign of impoliteness.
We will follow the situation regarding the coronavirus closely and will update this statement when required.

Contact us for more information.