Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Aerospace is one of world's leading manufacturers of various product ranges for the aviation industry. Zodiac Aerospace designs and manufactures spare parts, components and technical systems related to Actuation Systems, Aerosafety, Cargo Equipment, Electrical Systems, Flight Display / Entertainment Systems, Fluid Conveyance Systems, Fuel Systems, Galleys and Equipment, Hydraulic Systems, Lighting, System and Sensing Management.

Actuation Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Control and Training Motors
- Electromagnetic
- Alternators and Generators
- Optical Encoders
- and more
Aerosafety -
Available subcategories:
- Emergency
- Evacuation
- Elastomer
- Interconnect
- and more

Cargo Equipment -
Available subcategories:
- Lightweight Pallets
- Lightweight Containers
- Supporting Equipment
- Cargo Hold Equipment
- and more

Electrical Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Circuit-Breakers
- Relays
- Contactors
- Electrical Distribution Boxes
- and more

Flight Display / Entertainment Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Crew Solutions
- In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Equipment
- Smart Display Units (SDU's)
- Seat Integrated Technology (SiT)
- and more

Fluid Conveyance Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Fill and Drain Plugs
- Lubrication Pumps
- Oil or Fuel Filters
- Particle Detectors
- and more

Fuel Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Electronic Controllers
- Flame Arrestors
- Fuel Actuated Valves
- Motor Actuated Valves
- and more

Galleys and Equipment
Available subcategories:
- Galleys
- Galley Inserts
- Premium Galleys
- Galley equipment
- and more

Hydraulic Systems -
Available subcategories:
- Aircraft Steering Systems
- Landing Gear Extraction & Retraction
- Engine Regulation and Control
- De-icing Wing Leading Edges
- and more

Lighting -
Available subcategories:
- Cockpit and Lighting Systems
- Control Panels
- Ceiling Control Panels
- Various Controls and  Lights
- and more

System and Sensing Management -
Available subcategories:
- Oil Level Measurement System
- System Management
- Airconditioning System Regulation
- Cabin Pressure System
- and more

AeroNed supplies Zodiac Aerospace products and spare parts. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver equipment within a short period of time against competitive prices.

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