Ametek Ameron

Ametek Ameron has over 40 years of experience with servicing and selling aircraft safety equipment. Ametek has over 400 FAA PMA's (Parts Manufacturing Approval) of fire extinguisher parts, including cartridges (squibs), pressure gauges, fill fittings, tire fill gauges, rupture discs, door assist bottles, and lavatory extinguishers. AMERON also produces FAA PMA approved oxygen hoses, assemblies, and face pieces for crew masks.


Ametek is also able to quickly and cost effectively service fire supression and oxygen equipment when needed.

AeroNed can supply the following products from Ametek Ameron:
Gauges & Fill Valves
Fill Fittings & Housing Assemblies
Misc. Bottles with Agent MSDS
Rupture Discs
O-rings, Shims, Gaskets/Seals, Data Plates
Oxygen Parts
Ground Support Tooling
Repair Kits

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