Dynatube Fittings

AeroNed supplies Parker Aerospace's Dynatube® fittings designed for high temperature, high pressure, no-leak requirements of aircraft and aerospace fluid and pneumatic systems. The Dynatube® fitting is a metal-to-metal fitting which provides savings on weight and envelope over all types of aerospace fittings. The fitting is a dual seal fitting providing a self-locking feature.

- Aerospace Hydraulic Systems
- Military Hydraulic Systems
- Aerospace Pneumatic Systems
- Aerospace Fuel Systems
- Military Aircraft Fuel Systems
- Commercial Aircraft Fuel Systems
- Jet Engine Fuel and Lube Systems
- Military Applications

- Pressure rated from 3.000 psi (206 bar) to 8.000 psi (551 bar) depending on size, material and configuration
- Sealing efficiency increases with higher pressures
- Temperature: ranges from -320 to +1,300°F (-195 to +704°C), depending on fitting material
- Material: titanium (6AL-4V), stainless steel (17-4PH and 15-5PH), and nickel-based alloy (718)
- Fire Safety: withstands FAA zero flow 200
0° F fire test
- Configurations: Straights, Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Reducers, Expanders, Tube End Fittings and Hose End Fittings.

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